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Vertical Labret

The Captivating Allure of Vertical Labret Piercings

Vertical labret piercings strike a captivating blend of edgy and elegant. This unique piercing style involves two piercings – one through the bottom lip and another through the center of the chin. They connect via a single vertical barbell.

This double piercing creates the illusion of a full lip without fillers or makeup tricks. The vertical bar accentuates the lip shape. It commands attention without being too extreme.

Vertical labrets exude bold self-expression and confidence. They suit countless styles, from subtle to statement-making. Intrigued by this distinct piercing’s appeal? Dive into the details, ins, and outs of vertical labrets.

The Origins of Vertical Labrets

For centuries, labret piercings existed across cultures for symbolic and aesthetic purposes. The modern vertical style emerged within the last few decades.

Indigenous communities originally wore singular labret studs or plugs through the lower lip. These pieces often symbolized rites of passage or social status.

Over time, the elongated vertical orientation became popularized within the body jewelry scene. This contemporary take represented a fresh spin on ancient piercing traditions. Vertical labrets fuse unconventional edge with distinctive artistry.

Vertical Labret

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Vertical Labret

While alluring, vertical labrets require committing to the full piercing experience. Factors to consider include:

Oral Anatomy and Lip Shape Full lips or defined cupid’s bows best accommodate vertical labrets. Piercers analyze anatomy during consultations.

Pain Tolerance Levels
Two simultaneous piercings through soft tissue areas equate to moderate discomfort during the process.

Professional Setting or Job Requirements High-visibility facial piercings like vertical labrets sometimes conflict with workplace policies or norms.

Long-Term Wear Commitment Vertical labret jewelry permanently creates two holes in the lip and chin areas.

Cost of Procedure and Quality Jewelry Expect to pay for two individual piercings, plus the cost of initial and future customized vertical labret barbells.

Carefully weighing personal and professional considerations sets reasonable expectations. Proper preparation ensures a complication-free process.

Getting Pierced: Anatomy of a Vertical Labret

Vertical labret piercings follow a precise anatomical placement to achieve their distinctive look:

  • The Bottom Lip Piercing: This portion enters centrally through the lower lip, under the inner lip line. It emerges outside below the outer lip roll.
  • The Chin Piercing: This portion enters through the center front undersurface of the chin area. It emerges inside the mouth cavity underneath the tongue’s underside.

The piercer custom-bends each client’s curved vertical barbell to allow comfortable mouth movement. Swelling means starting with a longer initial bar before downsizing.

This meticulous process requires ample skill, precision, and anatomical knowledge. Proper techniques ensure ideal placement and optimal healing.

Vertical Labret

Vertical Labret Healing and Aftercare

Once pierced, vertical labrets require extensive aftercare and healing periods. Key tips include:

Expect Swelling
Swelling impacts the mouth, lip, and chin for 3-5 days post-piercing. Apply ice packs and rinses to alleviate discomfort.

Rinse After Eating Oral piercings accumulate food particles and debris. Rinse thoroughly with warm salt water after every meal.

No Oral Contact or Play Avoid oral sexual contact or playing with the jewelry during the 6-10 week healing window.

Stay Moisturized
Dry, cracked lips and skin increase risks of infection and scarring. Use sterile fragrance-free ointments judiciously.

Downsize When Ready
Once swelling subsides around 4-6 weeks, replace the initial long bar with a shorter customized vertical labret piece.

With proper cleaning and patience, vertical labret piercings heal cleanly into smooth accent pieces along the lips.

Styling Vertical Labret Jewelry Looks

Simple curved barbells create vertical labrets’ signature minimalist appearance. But many ornate jewelry styles take the look to daring new heights:

Gemstone Sparkle Opals, diamonds, and other gems add unmistakable brilliance and color interest to vertical bars.

Mixed Metal Contrast
Combining multiple precious metals like rose gold and sterling silver provides depth and eye-catching texture.

Charm and Ornament Accents Dangling charms or sculptural ornaments transform vertical labrets into full-on statement pieces.

Industrial Segments Segmented barbells composed of alternating bead shapes and materials create modern edginess.

Intricate Bends and Twists
Artfully curved bends and spiral twists produce flattering face-framing designs for select wearers.

From sleek and simple to ornately embellished, vertical labret jewelry matches any aesthetic or daring preference.

Vertical Labret

Weighing the Long-Term Vertical Labret Commitment

Vertical labret piercings do inevitably alter the lip and chin’s physical appearances once healed and matured. Expected long-term effects include:

  • Two Permanent Holes: The bottom lip and chin holes always remain present, even without jewelry.
  • Scarring Risks: Both holes carry scarring risks, especially from any trauma, pressure, or rejections.
  • Migration Issues: Tissue shifts, sagging skin, and weight changes may destabilize vertical labret placement.
  • Jewelry Setting/Embedment: Vertical barbells may become partially embedded under certain conditions.

These lasting effects reinforce vertical labrets as a major body modification commitment. Proper research and aftercare minimize potential downsides.

Enjoying the Vertical Labret Experience

While extreme, vertical labrets prove both bold and beautiful when executed properly. This fiercely artistic piercing celebrates individuality.

The vertical labret’s elongated symmetry contours lips becomingly. Its thorough healing process teaches care, patience, and commitment. Quality jewelry transforms the entire look into prized body art.

From ancient roots to edgy modernity, vertical labret piercings make unforgettable statements. This intricate piercing style fuses sculptural form with singular flair.

Vertical Labret


The vertical labret piercing provides a unique and stylish way to adorn the lip area. With its placement through the lower lip and exit point on the top of the lower lip, the vertical labret offers a distinctive look that stands out. This type of piercing is versatile, allowing for a variety of jewelry options such as studs, rings, or barbells, offering individuals the opportunity to personalize their look.

The healing process for a vertical labret is relatively straightforward, and with proper aftercare, it can be relatively low-maintenance. As a less common piercing choice, the vertical labret can be an appealing option for those looking for a new and unconventional way to express themselves. Whether seeking a bold or understated aesthetic, the vertical labret piercing offers a canvas for individual style and self-expression.

Overall, the vertical labret piercing is a fashionable and contemporary choice for those interested in adding a unique and eye-catching element to their appearance, allowing for a distinctive and personalized look that complements diverse styles and personalities.




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