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Vertical Labret Healing

Healing and Caring for a Vertical Labret Piercing

A vertical labret provides an edgy, unique look. This piercing passes vertically through the skin beneath the bottom lip. Proper care ensures the labret heals fully without complications.

The healing process of a vertical labret piercing is a crucial stage for ensuring a successful and comfortable outcome. Proper aftercare and attention are essential to minimize the risk of complications. After getting a vertical labret piercing, individuals need to adhere to specific guidelines to promote healing and reduce the chances of infection.

The initial weeks following the piercing are crucial for taking care of the area and allowing it to heal properly. Understanding the necessary steps and precautions during the healing process is key to maintaining the health and aesthetics of the piercing.

Vertical Labret Healing

First Two Weeks

Treats the fresh piercing very gently in the initial 14 days. Leaves the long starter jewelry in place without rotating or moving it. Handles the piercing as little as possible. Lets professionals perform any necessary adjustments.

Cleans the piercing twice daily with a premixed sterile saline solution or a homemade saltwater rinse. Uses a salt ratio of 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per one cup of warm distilled water. Sprays or inundates the piercing and lets it air dry. Gently wipes away any crusties with a clean paper towel or cotton swab.

Avoids over-cleaning the labret. Too much cleaning strips away the body’s natural lubricating fluid. This causes dryness and irritation around the piercing hole. Rinsing twice daily proves sufficient.

Rinses the mouth with an alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash after meals and snacks. Swishes the mouthwash around the inside of the mouth near the piercing site. Spits out any liquid that gathers in the mouth to prevent swallowing. Rinses again with plain water when finished.

Applies a warm saline compress for 5-10 minutes as needed for swelling or throbbing. Warm saltwater reduces inflammation and discomfort. Absorbs excess moisture from the compress using a paper towel when complete.

Resists the urge to touch the piercing with dirty hands. Washes hands thoroughly with soap and water before gently touching the labret for cleaning. Picking off crusties delays healing.

Avoids oral contact of any kind for the first two weeks. Abstains from kissing, eating spicy foods, consuming hot beverages, and other oral play. Chews food carefully to prevent bumping the long labret bar against teeth.

Sleeps on a travel pillow or positioning aid at night to prevent excessive pressure on the piercing. Lying directly on a fresh labret puts uncomfortable pressure on it and hinders healing.

Vertical Labret Healing

Weeks 2-6

Returns for a downsize or jewelry swap around the 2-3 week mark. Switching out the initial long labret bar for a shorter post. A shorter post fits closer to the lip and enables easier eating and talking.

Receives a shorter retainer post at the downsize appointment to fully accommodate swelling. Keeps the fistula or piercing hole open while healing continues over several more weeks. A retainer also prevents unsanitary buildup from leftover blood and lymph fluid.

Continues the routine of cleaning with saline or a salt rinse twice per day. Gently wipes away any crustiness using a clean paper towel or cotton swab tipped with saline solution. Dries the area thoroughly after rinsing.

Adds alcohol-free mouthwash and breath sprays back into the routine after two weeks if desired. Ensures any products contain no alcohol, which irritates healing piercings. Rinses thoroughly after using mouthwash.

Resumes some gentle oral activities after a couple weeks if careful. Keeps kissing, oral sex, and other play very gentle to avoid bumping or pulling on the jewelry. Roughhousing delays healing.

Sticks to soft, cool foods like yogurt, applesauce, or smoothies for the first 4-6 weeks. Avoids crunchy, spicy, salty, steaming hot foods which could irritate the still-healing wound.

Monitors closely for signs of infection or rejection throughout the 6-12 week healing period. Watches for symptoms like intense pain, swelling that spreads, thick discharge, fever, or the jewelry getting pushed out. Seeks medical help right away for concerning symptoms.

Vertical Labret Healing

After Six Weeks

Handles the vertical labret piercing confidently after it finishes healing, usually around 6-12 weeks. The fistula inside the piercing hole stabilizes by this point. Downsizing multiple times may have been required as swelling subsided.

Upgrades the starter jewelry to a higher quality piece once the labret finishes healing. Invests in an implant-grade labret stud made from titanium, solid 14k-18k nickel-free gold, niobium, or platinum. Quality jewelry minimizes irritation or allergic reactions.

Decorates the labret with fun stud designs after the lengthy healing finishes. Switches to unique gemstone pieces, ornate metalwork, or circular captive bead rings for extra personal flair.

Removes the jewelry temporarily for special occasions like dress-up events or job interviews. Simply takes out the labret stud and allows the hole to close slightly. Promptly re-inserts a retainer or fresh labret when ready to keep the fistula open.

Dries the labret piercing thoroughly after showers, baths, swimming, and other water activities. Leftover water flushes away the body’s natural lubrication. This causes dryness and crustiness around the piercing site.

Continues conscientious aftercare long-term to avoid complications. Notices any signs of persistent redness, swelling, pain, or discharge. Retires the labret piercing if unresolvable problems arise rather than leaving it in long-term.

Following a careful healing protocol paves the way to a beautiful, long-lasting vertical labret piercing. Cleaning, protecting, and patience transforms a simple lip piercing into stunning body jewelry. A bit of diligence pays off.

Vertical Labret Healing


The healing process of a vertical labret piercing is crucial for successful and comfortable long-term wear. It’s essential to follow proper aftercare guidelines provided by professional piercers to minimize the risk of infection and promote healing. During the initial healing period, it’s important to avoid touching the piercing with unwashed hands, refrain from using harsh products or alcohol-based solutions, and protect the piercing from trauma or friction.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is also vital to avoid irritation and potential complications. As the piercing heals, it’s normal to experience some swelling, tenderness, and discharge, but these symptoms should gradually subside over time. Regular saline solution rinses can help keep the area clean and facilitate the healing process.

It’s crucial to be patient and attentive to the piercing’s needs, allowing it to fully heal before changing jewelry or engaging in activities that could disrupt the healing. Overall, the healing process of a vertical labret piercing requires gentle care, diligence, and attentiveness to ensure a successful outcome and comfortable wear for the future.



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